Coro 3.0 Modular Cybersecurity

Security solutions for lean IT teams

A single platform that secures your entire company

Traditional security applications are vector-specific, forcing businesses to adopt multiple security tools and advanced management systems to handle a dispersed stack. Unlike these dated solutions, Coro’s single-touchpoint platform houses a selection of security modules that work independently and in tandem and eliminate the need for multiple security tools and systems. Our modular security platform is the ultimate alternative to expensive, tech-heavy security solutions, uniquely designed for lean IT teams.

Top Features

  • Unified everything

    Unlimited monitoring of endpoint devices and users including automatic detection for ultimate scaling and growth.

  • Monitoring

    Continuous monitoring of sensitive data for regulatory compliance, data governance and data loss protection.

  • Prioritization

    Effective prioritization of security incidents to significantly reduce alert fatigue and burnout, and ensure timely response.

  • Automation

    Automatic handling of 95% of security tickets, freeing up lean IT teams and optimizing resource management.

  • AI capabilities

    AI-powered detection, analysis, prioritization and remediation across all modules.

  • Single touchpoint

    Curated threat intelligence and logs served up via our unified interface.


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