Verizon POTS Replacement

Quick and easy POTS replacement from Verizon and CSG

Transition POTS lines to a modern, reliable communications infrastructure

POTSolve by CSG, exclusive to Verizon, is a turnkey replacement solution which enables retention of existing POTS applications and numbers all-in-one box. The POTSolve enclosure includes an integrated ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) with multiple ports for existing application continuity and a built-in LTE-enabled router that is upgradable to 5G when available, with a battery backup.

The solution is HIPAA, PCI, FCC, NFPA, UL ready and is powered by a Verizon wireless business internet plan. When companies replace their legacy POTS lines with modern, wireless connectivity they can gain greater control and predictability over costs and operate with more agility and flexibility.

POTSolve enables simple and seamless transition of services currently running over legacy analog or copper lines to be delivered via wireless business internet from Verizon.