Datadog Universal Service Monitoring

Discover, map & monitor all your services

Automatically detects services running in your infrastructure

Datadog Universal Service Monitoring is a service that offers complete visibility into first- and third-party services and their dependencies, regardless of the programming language they use. This service automatically detects all microservices across an organization's environment, providing instant visibility into their health and dependencies. By adding end-to-end distributed traces correlated with observability data, we help resolve issues faster. It complements Datadog's foundational Infrastructure Monitoring and Application Performance Monitoring capabilities, allowing teams to monitor the health of their entire technology stack alongside critical information about ownership and other key details.

Starting at $13.00 /Month

Top Features

  • Automatically discover and map all services

  • Monitor the health of every service consistently

  • Centralize service knowledge with Service Catalog

  • Extend service monitoring to root cause analyses with the APM suite


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