CRM, CX, and integrated software solutions

Making the best software in the world even better

Success is not just choosing the right software. You need to maximize feature sets, drive adoption, and set up integrations to create the ROI you’ve promised internally. Faye is your software solutions and optimization partner. We are technology experts, integration builders, strategists, and adoption managers. Our clients get 10x returns on their software because we help leverage the hidden potential. Whether Zendesk, HubSpot, Sugar, or Salesforce (and more), we are a company intensely passionate about eating and optimizing your software to make it the best it can be.

Top Features

  • Integrations by Faye

    Custom built native integrations for the software we support and your entire platform stack.

  • Enhancements by Faye

    Additional features and add-on enhancements, built by Faye for your future software.

  • Flare by Faye

    Transform Zendesk from a tool into a customizable data integrated platform.