Table and Position Management on Your POS

Set up a floor plan with multiple rooms. Get a bird’s eye view of your open and seated tables. Tap on a table to start an order.

Order management

  • Assign courses and dispatch tickets to multiple printers with a few taps.

Contactless dining

  • Let your customers place orders in-store through their mobile device easily.

EMV ready & secure

  • Accept chip, contactless and swipe payments with a choice of payment terminals and talech's in-house payment processing

Seamless sync

  • Manage orders across multiple devices in real-time. Run your business even when the internet goes down. Sign in, take orders and take cash payments when you're offline.

Mobile Payments

A powerful mobile POS app in your pocket. Your business in your pocket.

Accept card payments with our free app

  • You can accept digital and card payments quickly and securely wherever you are. Generate invoices from within the app. There are no costly hardware or software commitments so your business can hit the ground running.

POS that’s by your side as you grow

  • As your business grows, talech point of sale can support you with features and hardware suited to your needs. Upgrade seamlessly, keep your historical data, and give your staff a familiar product to help deliver an excellent customer experience.

Online Ordering

Sell your products online with your POS. Grow your sales with cloud based point of sale that gives you commission-free online ordering.

Start selling online in minutes

  • Building your own website can be expensive and time consuming. With a few clicks you can create and customize your mobile-friendly site, show or hide products and start taking orders.

Simplify online sales

  • talech POS will alert you when an online order has been placed. Processing the order is just a simple tap. Save space, reduce errors and sell to your customers online with a single, fully-integrated system.

Additional features of talech POS online ordering

  • Branded Website - Logo and brand customization.
  • Integrated Payments - Payment options that are integrated seamlessly.
  • Automatic Notifications - Get alerted when new orders are placed, as they happen.
  • Order Management - Easily manage the orders placed online.
  • Customer Insights - Grow your business through customer buying patterns.
  • Robust Reports - See how your online orders compare to everyday business.

Gift Cards

Grow your sales, improve your cash flow and gain new customers with our seamless physical and digital gift card solution.

In-store gift card sales

  • Create high-resolution plastic gift cards to match your brand aesthetic. Add a standard barcode and/or QR code for easy scanning
  • Create high-resolution plastic gift cards to match your brand aesthetic. Add a standard barcode and/or QR code for easy scanning

Your brand. Your logo. Your card.

  • Enable your customers to purchase eGift cards online or in person. They can choose from a variety of designs, perfect for any occasion and choose how and when they want to send the gift card.


Get paid faster with an easy invoicing solution. A simple invoicing solution to save time and make payments easy for you and your customers.

Create invoices

  • Generate invoices quickly and get paid quicker. Invoices can be sent via email to your customer. Send notifications when invoices are edited.

Accept online payments

  • Customer can pay the invoice online using credit or debit card or arrange another method of payment such as cash or check.

Easy management

  • Sort and manage all your invoices within talech. Search by name or invoice number, view by invoice status and download reports via spreadsheet when required.

Automatic overdue reminders

  • Set the terms of payment and if payment becomes overdue, your customers will be notified with automatic reminders, allowing you to focus on your business.