Microsoft Power Automate for Students

Streamline tasks & business processes

Take care of what's important. Automate the rest.

Microsoft Power Automate for Students helps them tackle everyday activities more efficiently, and it provides a tremendous user experience. For example, it can collect data, approve off-cycle payrolls, organize meetings, automate emails, schedule content through social media, etc. It is a service that helps create automated workflows between apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and more.

Starting at $2.00 /Month

Top Features

  • Discover

    Optimize processes and uncover business automation opportunities with task and process mining.

  • Automate

    Automate across nearly unlimited systems, desktop apps, and websites with AI and digital and robotic process automation.

  • Orchestrate

    Confidently scale automation across your organization with built-in security, governance, and 360-degree monitoring.

  • Extend

    Accelerate digital transformation with automation-infused apps, websites, copilots, and more in Microsoft Power Platform.


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