Data center and interconnection solutions

Hybrid IT with colocation and interconnected data centers

CoreSite is a provider of data center and colocation services. We offer businesses secure, reliable, high-performance data center solutions, including colocation services, interconnection solutions, and cloud connectivity. Our facilities are strategically located in key metropolitan areas across the United States, providing proximity to major business hubs and network access points. Our services enable businesses to deploy and manage their IT infrastructure in state-of-the-art data center facilities, ensuring high availability, scalability, and connectivity for mission-critical applications and services.

Top Features

  • Meet stringent compliance regulations

    Many businesses strive to provide excellent customer experience but are challenged by compliance regulations designed to protect customer data. Our data centers adhere to rigorous compliance regulations and provide the multi-layered security features, 100% uptime SLA, redundancy and infrastructure resilience needed to address a broad spectrum of compliance mandates.

  • Optimize your digital business performance

    Enterprises in myriad industries deploy multi-cloud and hybrid IT strategies at CoreSite data centers to achieve better performance. Our agnostic approach & strategic partnerships enable customers to quickly connect to preferred cloud providers to maximize performance and take advantage of the latest cloud application or workload.

  • Monetize your business

    Our Open Cloud Exchange® (OCX) enables collaboration with all the partners in your digital workflow. Our proprietary platform provides direct, secure & virtual connections to anyone on the exchange – enabling you to quickly turn up connections, transfer data & collaborate in real-time. The OCX empowers our customers to complete unique production projects & achieve a faster time to market.

  • Cut costs with direct cloud connectivity

    Direct connectivity to public clouds creates significant data egress fee reductions and secure, low-latency interconnection to hybrid applications, business partners and other service providers. CoreSite is one of the select data center providers capable of offering native cloud onramps to all major cloud service providers.