Octave: The All-in-One Edge-to-Cloud Solution

Octave lets you securely extract, orchestrate, and act on data from your industrial assets to the cloud.

  • Extract: Pull and normalize data from virtually any type of industrial equipment via popular industrial protocols (Modbus, CANopen)
  • Orchestrate: Get the right data, at the right time, with the right priority, to the right system
  • Act: Update your Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) application as your business needs change
  • Secure: Protect your data from the edge to the cloud even as new threats emerge

Focus on Your Data

  • Octave securely integrates edge devices, network, and cloud APIs into a single solution, so you can focus on your data. Octave eliminates the need to build IoT infrastructure from scratch, so you can concentrate on creating innovative Industrial IoT applications.

Simplify Your Development

  • Octave frees you from the complexities of Industrial IoT application development with an easy programming interface that uses a common JavaScript framework, supporting the most popular and extensively used industrial protocols such as Modbus, CANopen, etc.

De-risk Your Deployment

  • Scaling from a proof of concept to commercial deployment has never been so easy. Octave delivers you a scalable, flexible and easy-to-operate industrial IoT solution for efficiently managing connected machines, built on Sierra Wireless’s 25 years of leadership and expertise in IoT.

Managed Connectivity

Purpose built IoT Connectivity solutions with one point of accountability to ensure your business-critical assets are “always on”.

  • One Global SIM: A portfolio of simple & reliable connectivity solutions, from one Global SIM to regional connectivity solutions for LPWA, 4G, 5G, LTE IoT deployments.
  • One IoT Connectivity Partner: No matter where you are in your IoT journey or technology evolution. Sierra has the proven experience to partner with and help you scale.
  • One Management Platform: Seamlessly manage your connectivity for business-critical assets with one platform built for IoT.

Our Solutions

  • Our 24/7/365 Global Network Operation Center (GNOC) and AirVantage management platform ensure you experience the best possible uptime while making it easy to monitor and maintain the lifecycle of your SIMs and devices in the field.
  • Global Connectivity: Simplify Global Deployments & maintain a secure connection to assets anywhere.
  • US Connectivity: Optimize US Multi-Carrier Deployments with a single point of management.
  • 2G > 3G > 4G: Simplify your migration to LTE with Sierra Wireless.


IoT Modules & Solutions that Deliver Best-in-Class Capabilities

Simplify Integration

  • Plug your device and play in the cloud
  • Eliminate certification delays
  • Simple edge & cloud API
  • Embedded SIM with optional IoT Connectivity services

Extend Product Scalability

  • Global modules to deploy anywhere
  • Common Flexible Form Factor CF3®
  • A trusted partner with over almost 30 years of experience

Reduce Security Risks

  • Secure credentials and edge-to-cloud security
  • Security experts driving standard and best practices
  • Transparent vulnerability and risks management

Router Solutions

For more than 25 years, Sierra Wireless has been delivering secure, manageable, high-performance cellular networking for mission-critical applications. Accelerate your deployment of new applications with secure connectivity, location-based services, and remote management made possible by our 4G LTE and 5G cellular routers and gateway solutions.

Private Networking

  • Private cellular networks are proving to be an attractive option to shipping ports, airports, utilities, and manufacturing plants that need high-reliability coverage, increased security and better flexibility. Our AirLink routers deliver 4G LTE and 5G connectivity running over a dedicated spectrum giving you improvements over Wi-Fi networks and spotty public cellular coverage.

Public Safety

  • Public safety and emergency services organizations need reliable and pervasive connectivity. AirLink solutions ensure secure, two-way communication creating a network where first responders are always connected helping them to be safer and more responsive.

Vehicle Networking

  • Many organizations rely on mobile workforces that need access to tools and information while in the field and in their vehicles at remote or temporary work sites. Companies can better manage operations by knowing the location and status of their mobile assets.

Industrial Networking

  • Monitoring and managing remote infrastructure are challenging where undetected problems can be dangerous. AirLink solutions provide reliable and secure connectivity designed for harsh and hazardous environments, giving operations and IT real-time awareness with remote monitoring.

Enterprise Networking

  • Some organizations rely on a complex network that involves up to thousands of regional locations, each connected to headquarters via a local Internet connection. This connectivity is “business-critical” and AirLink Solutions ensure an always-on connectivity so no opportunities are missed.

Utilities Networking

  • Utilities depend on public and private cellular communication networks to keep power grids, gas lines and water systems fully operational 24/7. AirLink routers are used to connect monitoring and control systems at main power plants and sub-stations as well as on remote powerlines, pumping stations and utility trucks in the field.

Device Management

  • AirLink® Device Management Solutions, available in the cloud or on-premises, enable organizations to remotely monitor, configure and control connected AirLink® routers.