Google Chrome Enterprise (Non-Profit)

A browser, an OS & devices for enterprises


Chrome Enterprise is secure by design, keeping users and their data protected thanks to fast and seamless security updates and intuitive policy enforcement.

Taking a unified approach

  • With Chrome Enterprise’s holistic approach to security, you can keep your business safe with seamless updates and intuitive policy enforcement to protect against evolving threats.

Secure by design

  • Chrome devices and Chrome browser deter end users from falling hostage to harmful attacks and mitigate the impact if one prevails.

Seamless security updates

  • Eliminate the need for manual patching with automatic and continuous updates.

Policy enforcement

  • Select from hundreds of policies across the browser and OS to provide your workforce with a secure computing environment.

An Enterprise Solution built for the cloud workforce

Whether on the front lines or in the front office, all of us have the potential to be cloud workers – and when we work in the cloud together, our businesses gain a competitive edge.

Journey to a cloud workforce

  • Modernize your browser: The web browser is often the beginning of the journey for cloud-minded organizations. It’s where users are accessing an increasing number of web and cloud-based apps. Using the browser to complete work helps drive companies closer to their digital transformation.

Optimise IT management

  • Traditional browser management approaches are time consuming and error-prone. Moving to a cloud-based approach to management can provide valuable insights and allow IT teams to set and enforce policies easily from a central place. Cloud management also lets IT take advantage of automatic updates – now a standard best practice, not only for browsers but for operating systems as well.

Adopt cloud-first devices

  • In conjunction with choosing the early technology adopters based on employee segmentation, determine which business use cases are good candidates for cloud-first devices and map them to relevant technology needs.

Evaluate workers’ cloud-readiness

  • After deciding to transition the workforce to cloud-first devices, an organization must answer two questions before launching a pilot program: which employees are good candidates to become early adopters of these devices? And what are the real barriers to adoption?

Expand your investment

  • Keep the momentum going to optimize cloud success. Finesse the great work that you’ve already done and build a business case for new use cases using the Chromebook smart investment calculator for Enterprise.

Smart Investment

See how Chromebooks can help lower costs, simplify operations, reduce security risks, downtime and lost productivity over a 3-year period. This calculator is designed to help you estimate the full scope of the costs and benefits of switching from Windows-based devices to Google Chromebooks. The calculation is based on a detailed Economic Value Validation developed by ESG, a third-party firm providing market intelligence services to the IT community.

Supporting hybrid work

Start planning your return to office strategy and support a hybrid workforce with Chrome OS. A modern, secure solution built to enable productivity wherever work happens.

Fast deployment, simple management

  • Assess your workforce’s readiness to switch to Chrome OS upon their return to the office with the Chrome OS Readiness Tool.
  • Drop-delivery pre-enrolled devices directly to employees using zero-touch enrolment.
  • Manage devices from anywhere using the cloud-based Google Admin console with 500+ settings and policies available.
  • Deploy apps, settings, bookmarks and many more, remotely.

Built-in, proactive security

  • Built-in virus protection.
  • Encrypted on-device storage with the assistance of tamper-resistant hardware, verified boot and sandboxing.
  • Protection of system integrity and user identity with the built-in Titan C security chip.
  • Extend zero-trust security models to the web with BeyondCorp Enterprise.
  • Set devices to automatically wipe after a user logs out removing all data.
  • Remotely disable or powerwash devices if lost or stolen.

Apps for every worker

  • Access legacy, proprietary and full-featured Windows apps with Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS.
  • Share access to productivity apps via managed Google Play, Chrome browser and cloud apps.
  • Utilize Chrome Enterprise Recommended for a better user experience, quality, functionality and security of third-party solutions and apps.
  • Connect and collaborate with video conferencing solutions, including Google Meet, Zoom, RingCentral and many more.