Energy independence. More choice. Less waste.

Energy Professionals have examined thousands of global organizations engaged in the energy landscape. After decades of involvement, we understand what it takes to truly deliver the results necessary to guide clients to truly operational & energy independence. Our procurement solution capabilities are supplier-agnostic & enhanced by advanced analytics to drive & develop long-term strategies based on quality, innovation, supplier diversity, & price. Our holistic approach to energy consulting considers your facility locations, energy usage patterns, peak hours, risk tolerance and total energy spending to develop your specific needs and best strategy.

Features & Benefits

  • Market intelligence

    Our energy advisor team’s vast market knowledge and dedication to detail provides a comfort level for our clients.

  • Risk management

    We build a strategy that is based on your individual goals and objectives to ensure your energy plan is tailored specifically to your needs.

  • Green and efficient

    With technology changing every day, there are new, cutting-edge options that can control our client’s energy budgets.

  • Customer care

    We are a continual resource for your organization with anything that is needed during your energy supplier term.

  • Energy solutions

    We will do all the legwork to find the right options regarding all your energy needs & requirements.

  • Timing is everything

    From understanding market movement to identifying sweet spots, we help you pinpoint the right time to hedge.