Metro Wireless

Wireless internet and SD-WAN solutions

Leading wireless internet service provider for businesses

Metro Wireless is a nationwide business Internet Service Provider (ISP) offering permanent, backup, and temporary services delivered via managed mobile and fixed wireless mediums. It additionally offers managed services, including SD-WAN, enterprise WiFi deployments, and UCaaS/Hosted Voice. It was founded by people who are truly passionate about delivering next-gen telecommunications services over the airwaves. This model, once primarily used in rural communications and mobile, is now finding its way into businesses and homes everywhere. We are aiming to change the way people look at telecommunications services and wireless communications by offering truly unique, disruptive, and bold technology offerings.

Top Features

  • Internet services

    High-speed microwave internet service for businesses: Rapid deployment wireless ethernet.

  • SD-WAN

    Metro Wireless offers the latest hardware on the fastest and the most reliable network.

  • Business voice

    MetroVOX smartphone app brings the ultimate connectivity to your business phone extension for employees in remote locations.

  • Data SIM cards

    Business grade wholesale data SIM cards. Only known US carrier to offer unlimited, unthrottled data plans across all tier 1 cellular provider.