Wireless Watchdogs

Managed mobility services for business

Simplify and enhance your mobile device and IoT networks

Wireless Watchdogs, a dataprise company, is a leader in wireless lifecycle management. We offer enterprises straightforward ways to manage the complex, time-consuming aspects of wireless environments. It aids IT/telecom departments and CIOs in optimizing, managing, and supporting large and complex wireless environments. With mobile technology growing at a rapid pace, usage skyrocketing, rate plans changing, and lots of new services and features - corporate mobility programs are being stretched thin. It has a proven solution that provides enterprises with the tools and support to control and streamline their wireless programs, while also reducing wireless invoices by 20-40%.

Top Features

  • Mobility planning

    Help in creating policies, developing structural architecture, and defining and meeting your mobility goals.

  • Device procurement and deployment

    Procurement, provisioning, and deployment of new devices, and deployment of the MMS system to existing devices.

  • Unlimited mobile help desk support

    Remove the costs and burden on your IT department: Our fully-staffed Help Desk is always open to assist your mobile device users.

  • Real-time reporting and analytics

    Empower management and executive decision-making with on-demand reports and in-depth analytics on device usage.

  • Mobile device monitoring

    Monitor corporate email traffic, device roaming information, compliance with corporate policies, and device provisioning and updating.

  • Device end-of-life management

    Ensure lost or stolen devices can't access the network, retire old devices from the system, and ensure security with pre-recycle factory resets.