Automation and CI/CD

Automate everything: CI/CD, testing, planning, project management, issue labeling, approvals, onboarding, and more. Standardize and scale best practices, security, and compliance across your organization. Get started quickly with thousands of actions from partners and the community.


  • Automate all your software development workflows. Write tasks and combine them to build, test, and deploy faster from GitHub.


  • Host your own software packages or use them as dependencies in other projects. Both private and public hosting available.

GitHub Pages

  • Create and publish websites about yourself, your organization, or your project directly from a GitHub repository.


Secure code as you write it. Automatically review every change to your codebase and identify vulnerabilities before they reach production. Understand and address any vulnerabilities in your open source dependencies. Automatically detect and deactivate secrets committed to your repos.

Private repos

  • Host code that you don't want to share with the world in private GitHub repos only accessible to you and people you share them with.


  • Add an extra layer of security with two -actor authentication (2FA) when logging into GitHub. Require 2FA and choose from TOTP apps, security keys, and more.

Required reviews

  • Ensure that pull requests have a specific number of approving reviews before collaborators can make changes to a protected branch.

Secret scanning

  • Find secrets hard-coded in your public and private repositories. Revoke them to keep access to the services you use secure.

Collaborative Coding

Contribute to projects quickly with automatic environment setup. Make sure you see the changes you care about. Build community around your code.


  • Visual Studio Code backed by high performance VMs that start in seconds.

Code review

  • Review new code, see visual code changes, and confidently merge code changes with automated status checks.

Pull requests

  • Allow contributors to easily notify you of changes they've pushed to a repository – with access limited to the contributors you specify. Easily merge changes you accept.

Code owners

  • Automatically request reviews–or require approval—by selected contributors when changes are made to sections of code that they own.

Client Apps

Take GitHub with you on any connected device. Skip the visual UI with a quick, powerful text interface. Access GitHub from your OS X or Windows desktop.

GitHub for Mobile

  • Take your GitHub projects, ideas, and code to go with a fully-native mobile and tablet experience. Triage, review, and merge from anywhere.

GitHub CLI

  • Bring GitHub to the command line. Manage issues and pull requests from the terminal, where you're already working with Git and your code.

GitHub Desktop

  • Simplify your development workflow with a GUI. Visualize, commit, and push changes without ever touching the command line.

Project Management

Keep feature requests, bugs, and more organized with GitHub Issues — engineered for software teams. Coordinate initiatives big and small with project tables, boards, and tasks lists. Track what you deliver down to the commit.


  • Visually track issues, pull requests, and notes as cards that you can arrange to suit your workflow.


  • Organize and prioritize your work. Apply labels to issues and pull requests to signify priority, category, or any other information you find useful.

Unified Contribution Graph

  • See all of your contributions to GitHub Enterprise and in one place: your profile's contribution graph.

Org activity graph

  • See visualizations of your entire organization or specific repositories, including issue and pull request activity, top languages used, and member activity data.

Team Administration

Simplify access and permissions management across your projects and teams. Update permissions, add new users as you grow, and give everyone the exact permissions they need. Sync with Okta and Azure Active Directory.


  • Set up groups of user accounts that own repositories. Manage access on a team-by-team, or individual user, basis.


  • Easily add GitHub members to your repositories using their GitHub username or email address, and require them to confirm access.

Team sync

  • Enable team synchronization between your identity provider and your organization on GitHub, including Azure AD and Okta.

Custom roles

  • Define users' level of access to your code, data and settings based on their role in your organization.