EnTelegent Solutions

Business solutions provider

Network Services

EnTelegent is the service provider you can rely on to provide mission-critical connectivity to grow with you as your business needs evolve over time. With multiple Tier 1 national provider partners, EnTelegent can provide Voice and Data solutions to match your needs.

DIA & Ethernet

  • EnTelegent offers high-capacity, high-reliability access services on the best national telco and cable networks. Your enterprise benefits from a high quality, high-speed Internet connection you can count on. Services are available Ethernet Over Copper and Fiber Optic delivery.

Cable, DSL & Broadband

  • EnTelegent brings the most cost-effective access products with the widest service area. Benefit from the highest speeds and broadest service options. EnTelegent has invested heavily in building tools to prequalify and identify service options for cable and broadband Internet services. These tools help our customers find the service options that have a higher likelihood of being available.

Wireless Internet

  • Harness the power of robust, ubiquitous 4G LTE and LTE-A networks for lightning-fast Internet connectivity no matter where your offices are located. They combine the fastest speeds and highest network bandwidths available with enterprise-grade wireless equipment. The result is a robust solution that maximizes deployment success and offers an excellent fail-over backup connection for your wide-area network.

Voice PRI

  • EnTele-Voice PRI delivers voice communications on a 100% digital connection to the customer’s PBX. Inbound and outbound calling are combined on the same connection which maximizes efficiency and enables scalable growth. EnTelegent Solutions makes this leading edge technology affordable for small and medium sized businesses.


  • EnTelegent Solutions can provide you with just the basics. A POTS line, also called an analog phone line, can hook directly to a standard telephone. It can be one of several lines that you select with a key system or it can connect directly to a PBX phone system. Your analog service can be a single line with no features or you can have several lines with multiple features, such as hunting, call forward and caller ID, just to name a few. Whatever your need, we are confident that we can find a solution to ensure your telecommunication requirements are met.

Long Distance

  • EnTelegent Solutions Long Distance program has the range and flexibility to meet the needs of every Customer. EnTelegent will provide the right switched, dedicated, in-state or international plan for your business. Our customers’ costs stay low while value remains high.


  • EnTelegent Solutions offers a wide range of options for audio and web conferencing. Whether it is an on the fly conference call, web demo, or a need for operated assisted earnings call, they have the solution. It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to organize and attend meetings. With the flexibility to meet online, you’ll be able to do more and travel less.


  • EnTelegent SD-WAN is a Cisco Meraki network-as-a-service offering that replaces expensive traditional technologies with an inexpensive, flexible and scalable solution. SD-WAN utilizes Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology applied to WAN connection to link distributed enterprise locations securely and cost-effectively.


VoIP services have become common for small businesses and enterprise organizations alike. Lower operational costs and the ability to integrate multiple IP technologies (fax, voice, email, web conferencing and voice mail to name a few) have made the migration from traditional TDM services to VoIP very attractive.

IP Business Line

  • The EnTelegent IP Business Line is the perfect replacement for your current analog business lines. Leverage the power of IP and broadband to reduce your cost. Replace your legacy business phone lines with VoIP-based service that allows you to re-use your existing phones.

Hosted VoIP UCaaS

  • Hosted VoIP UCaaS is a cloud-based phone system with hundreds of features and unlimited calling. It gives users the benefit of services such as company-wide chat, video/audio web conferencing, web collaboration tools, visual voicemail, speech-to-text, online faxing tools, presence and availability, and compatibility with leading specialty software tools.

SIP Trunking

  • EnTelegent SIP Trunking is ideal for the business that is ready to take advantage of their IP-PBX by utilizing one connection for voice, data, and Internet traffic. This converged approach saves money and time by using bandwidth efficiently, reducing hardware costs, and simplifying network management. With EnTelegent SIP Trunking, voice traffic travels on a state-of-the-art, privately managed Network designed to deliver quality, business-class service.


  • Service uses SIP VoIP technology to deliver a cost-effective 23B+D voice solution. IP-PRI offers coverage and price options that extend well beyond urban markets. With our service, your enterprise will realize significant cost savings in communications while maintaining the value of the investment you have made in your legacy equipment. Compatible with existing communications systems, IP-PRI can seamlessly connect legacy and next-generation solutions and deliver end-to-end, integrated communications through our powerful cloud platform.

IP Fax

  • EnTelegent IP Fax is the smartest, simplest faxing solution you can buy for your business. It allows you to send or receive faxes using your email, mobile device or existing legacy fax machine (requires IP Fax Adapter).

SIP Long Distance

  • Enjoy the flexibility and affordability of next-generation services without the additional costs typically associated with IP telephony. EnTelegent’s SIP Long Distance doesn’t require a large upfront investment in IP equipment. With a network designed for reliability, we provide the robust, feature-rich SIP Long Distance service that brings you a cost-effective solution, enabling you to place outbound calls over a dedicated or switched connection.

Managed Solutions

As a Managed Solutions Provider, EnTelegent Solutions strives to provide strategic solutions to solve challenges which customers, agents, VARs, and service providers encounter within their existing account base and prospects.

Managed Network Services – MNS

  • Managed Network Services (MNS) is a suite of enterprise solutions that monitor the health and performance of your network. EnTelegent MNS includes layers of active and reactive management that include notification, ticket generation, and trouble resolution. The monitoring platform has an integrated trouble ticketing system (TTS) that is bonded with carrier maintenance centers for seamless troubleshooting and communication with select transport carriers. The platform is built around industry-leadting standards and practices.


  • EnVision delivers a powerful set of tools that support cost reduction and a single point of administration/control for third-party providers, services, activities, and invoices. EnTelegent builds a centralized inventory of your wireless and wireline circuits, services, costs, contracts, and invoices. We reconcile billing to internal documentation for real-time reporting – which is accessible anywhere, anytime – via a secure web portal. This can increase the effectiveness of your IT, purchasing, budgeting, and accounting functions.


  • EnTele-Bill is one of the core offerings by EnTelegent Solutions. The service delivers invoice consolidation and management of multiple billing environments. EnTele-Bill helps our customers better manage their communications infrastructure by receiving their invoices for multiple carriers, products, and/or locations, consolidating the data, and providing functional reports through a web-accessed portal.

Wireless Device Support

  • Mobile Device Support takes care of your wireless management as your needs grow and change. You will reduce the amount of time your organization spends administering its wireless phone accounts. From initial procurement to a fully functioning wireless phone or data device, EnTelegent offers centralized wireless management solutions with ongoing professional support.

Wireless Expense Management

  • Reduce your wireless telecom and IT costs by optimizing and implementing easy-to-use controls for your wireless voice, data, and equipment standards through our Wireless Expense Management solutions. EnTelegent provides Wireless Expense Management through our proprietary software application for all managed devices, plans, and carriers. Optimization requires online access to your carrier invoices in order to allow the efficient electronic import of your data into EnTelegent’s software application.