Zayo CloudLink

Direct private connectivity to the cloud


Avoid the risks of the public Internet with CloudLink by securing your data and protecting your network from DDoS attacks.


  • Zayo’s SLAs guarantee 100% uptime with redundant and diverse options and sub-millisecond recovery times.
  • Multiple on-ramps to each cloud provider offer highly available and physically diverse designs with increased protection.
  • Zayo’s self-healing core network helps to ensure you stay connected through diverse network routes.
  • Zayo proactively augments bandwidth across its network so you do not experience interruptions in performance.
  • CloudLink’s private connections offer reliable low latency and consistent speeds, up to 100G.

Cost Optimization

  • Decrease costs by lowering expensive data egress fees incurred because of a public internet connection.
  • Bypass the public Internet and lower expensive data egress fees by 70% on average.
  • Access 24/7/365 support from Zayo’s Network Operations Center (NOC).

Multiple Connectivity Options

  • Customize your solution with DDoS mitigation services and multiple connectivity options, up to 100G.
  • Leverage global strategic cloud partnerships with AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle, IBM, Salesforce, Alibaba and many others.
  • Connect from your locations, not just major data centers, with Zayo’s first and last-mile connectivity.
  • Select from multiple transport options: Ethernet, IP-VPN, Wavelengths and Dark Fiber.
  • Customize your cloud connectivity with a diverse design to enhance data protection and availability.
  • Connect privately from cloud to cloud, reducing costs, improving efficiency and lowering latency.