Zayo CloudLink

Direct private connectivity to the cloud

Secure, reliable private connectivity to cloud service providers

CloudLink provides direct private connectivity using Zayo’s carrier-grade Layer-1 (Wavelengths), Layer-2 (Ethernet), or Layer-3 (IP-VPN) Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) transport services between an enterprise or datacenter location and private on-ramp location of major cloud service providers (CSPs) such as AWS, Azure, Google, and many others, bypassing the public Internet. Zayo’s CloudLink, the industry-leading solution, enables customers to directly connect to their public cloud providers. It uses metro and intercity fiber to directly connect to cloud destinations throughout the world. Zayo’s dense fiber enables direct on-ramp from customer locations and 1,300 data centers.

Top Features

  • 50+ cloud service providers

    Zayo provides private connectivity to 50+ cloud service providers.

  • 70% on egress fees

    On average, Zayo customers save 70% on egress fees compared to public internet connections.

  • 1,300+ data centers and 100G capabilities

    Zayo delivers CloudLink connectivity to 1,300+ data centers and 100G capabilities.

  • 36% performance improvement

    Zayo’s CloudLink enables 36% performance improvement over an IPSec VPN tunnel across the public internet.