Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Create exceptional shopping experiences

Deliver unified, personalized, and seamless buying experiences

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce delivers a personalized and seamless shopping experience across physical and digital channels. The product works on multiple devices. This allows customers to purchase when, how, and where they want and includes purchasing through online and offline channels. Microsoft allows the option for customers to buy online, pick up in-store, or receive home delivery. With the recent pandemic and social distancing, we all have a need for this capability. Commerce does have some decent fulfillment options for customers. It allows consumers to take advantage of sales promotions across all channels. It is organized well by store, catalog, or customer affiliation needs.

Starting at $18.00 /Month

Top Features

  • Provide choice and convenience

    Provide choice and convenience with connected ordering and fulfilment tools. Let customers buy online and pick up in-store or receive home delivery.

  • Expand customer choice

    Expand customer choice through endless aisles, offering access to your full product catalog whether in store or online, regardless of stock levels or location.

  • Increase customer conversion

    Increase customer conversion with AI-moderated ratings and reviews that improve product selection and accelerate purchase decisions.

  • Accurately forecast customer demand

    Accurately forecast customer demand with actionable insights provided by historical sales and purchase data.


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