ACC Business AT&T Switched Ethernet Service

Simple, scalable and affordable

The right choice for your business

AT&T Switched Ethernet Service℠ uses fiber optic or copper technology to connect each of your offices to our highly secure and protected core Ethernet network. Your network is managed closely to help ensure peak performance for your most vital and delay-sensitive applications. That means important traffic is prioritized and will cross the network in milliseconds. Speed, performance and security are backed by service level agreements designed to provide the stability and continuity to your business demands.

Top Features

  • Scalable

    Scalable to fit the size of your business.

  • Support

    Supports both local metro and long-haul InterLATA networking.

  • Growth

    Future growth is supported as your business expands to multiple locations.

  • Cost

    Cost-effective so you get more from your investment dollars.

  • Flexibility

    Network flexibility to meet your changing business requirements.

  • Performance

    High performance to deliver traffic in milliseconds.

  • Reliability

    Reliability to help ensure continuity in your business.

  • Easy to Use

    Easy to manage, saves you time, and improves productivity.

  • Network Architecture

    A simplified network architecture that lets you run multiple applications on a single network.