Your swiss safe for all your data

Secure password management and document sharing

Welcome to SekurSafe, a mobile cloud-based app from Switzerland. With your personal cloud storage, you can secure, save and protect confidential information & data, and share it with other users. You can do all this regardless of your location or that of anyone who has been granted access rights. So if you want to protect your sensitive data, such as PIN numbers, passwords, e-tickets, plans, formulas or medical documents, in a virtual vault in a Swiss datacentre, SekurSafe is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Top Features

  • Unlimited notes

  • Pre-loaded note templates

  • Encrypted email

  • Secure note sharing with PIN

  • Secure data backup

  • Secure file-share

  • Multi-users and groups creation

  • Access rights

  • Tracking/delivery report

  • Encrypted password manager

  • Military grade security

  • Swiss privacy guarantee