All Together Now

All the functionality you need in a legal practice management software. Explore the features available with Thread Legal.


  • Insights into the individual, firm, and financial performance at a glance.

Electronic Signature Integration with DocuSign

  • Easily and efficiently execute documents using electronic signatures.

AML Compliance

  • Attach AML documents and answer key questions within a client record, so that it is easy to see, verify and report on.

Case Contacts

  • From recording addresses to attaching documents you can collate all relevant contacts information in one location.

Case Collaboration

  • Allow your entire legal team to work on a case at the same time.

Cloud Software with Microsoft

  • Access files from any location, any device, any time. Always 100% protected by Microsoft’s enterprise security.

Smart Search

  • Instantly search your entire system with any simple word, phrase, or number.

Custom Fields

  • Create Custom Fields unique to your practice, to optimize your workflow within Thread Legal.

Personalised Homepage

  • Personalized homepage, tailored to your role, with information relevant to you. Everything you need to manage and prioritize your workload.


  • Scan directly into Thread Legal, with AI-supported linking to files.

Remote Working

  • Work from home, from the court, or on the move. Access Thread Legal from any internet-connected device. Important client data is always at your fingertips.

Data Security

  • Your data is stored in the most certified datacentres in the world. At a location chosen by you. With permission settings that mean you always control who has access to your sensitive information.

File Management

  • Onboard, manage and update clients within minutes, with end-to-end file management.

Document Management

  • Add, edit, co-author, and share documents securely. Autogenerate important file documents within seconds and briefs within minutes.

Email Tracking

  • No-click email management. Emails and email responses are automatically saved onto the file when you send from Thread Legal.


  • Thread Legal provides a 360 degree view of each contact, tracking key documents, associated files and much more.

Time Recording

  • Track time automatically across documents, emails, phone calls, and file management. Easily convert time into client bills.

Automated Templates

  • Automatically generate your frequently used documents. Client-ready documents in one click, or even no clicks.

Task Management

  • Create, manage and delegate tasks for you and your team.

Accounting Integrations

  • Thread integrates seamlessly with accounting software packages such as Klyant, Quill, QuickBooks, and Xero.

GDPR Compliance

  • Thread Legal stores data in a GDPR-compliant manner, and helps you to fulfill your GDPR responsibilities.

Access Control & Permissions

  • Full, granular control over which employees have access to files within your case management system. Access can be granted or removed instantly.

Phone Messages

  • Never miss another call, with call logs that can be viewed from your dashboard or mobile device.

Key Dates

  • Never miss another important date, with key date logging, dashboards, and automatic reminders.


  • Create diary appointments from within a file, and automatically sync with your Outlook calendar.

Document Bundles Generator

  • Save hours of time per brief, with Thread Legal’s inbuilt document bundles generator.