NRG Energy Business Electricity Supply Solutions

Smarter solutions for your energy supply

Percent Fixed & Index

Percent Fixed & Index is an energy plan that allows you to take advantage of index electricity market prices, while retaining the flexibility to lock in a stable, fixed price for up to 100% of your energy usage. Percent Fixed & Index lets businesses control their exposure to energy markets in accordance with their risk tolerance.

  • A Percent Fixed & Index plan allows customers to purchase up to four “shaped” fixed-price percentage blocks that lock in a secure electricity price for the number of months they choose. Their remaining energy needs are purchased at either real-time or day-ahead index prices from different energy sources such as natural gas, solar energy, and other renewable energy sources. Customers can:
  • Control exposure to markets by locking in up to 100% of their electricity rate.
  • Purchase blocks at a fixed energy price to follow their load and stabilize their electricity bill.
  • Define each block by calendar month and stack multiple blocks at a time.

Fixed Price

A Fixed Price energy plan provides you with a pre-determined price per kilowatt-hour of electricity—one that remains constant throughout the entire term of your contract. It’s a plan tailored for energy users looking for greater budget certainty and the ability to protect their business against a future rise in energy prices.

Dedicated support

  • Benefit from an assigned account representative and a 24/7 support team.

Price stability

  • Gain budget certainty and protect your business in an era of market volatility.

Optimize spending

  • Customize a solution to spend where it matters most.

Block & Index

Block & Index is an energy plan that combines fixed-price protection and variable-price flexibility to put you in control. If you’re a large energy user, well aware of how your company uses energy, and comfortable with participating in the energy market, this plan could be a natural fit. Block & Index lets you purchase and “stack” blocks of electricity to meet your business's energy needs and risk profile.

  • A Block & Index plan lets the customer lock in any portion of their load, based on the current market price of natural gas, power, or heat rate. Customers can also:
  • Capitalize on current market conditions with a blended strategy for energy procurement.
  • Choose (with our help) a purchasing strategy with the right mix of fixed and index-pricing energy solutions.
  • Use information about market movements to shift power load to lower-priced energy usage times.

Renewable Select

Renewable Select is a new retail electricity solution with solar and wind energy sourced from a specific facility and seamlessly embedded into your electricity supply. The result is a simplified electricity procurement solution for customers.

Reduce carbon footprint

  • Support a clean energy future and the decarbonization of energy.

Enhance sustainability

  • Meet your environmental and economic goals with clean, renewable energy.

Increase resiliency

  • Sustain electricity independently from the grid.


“Sustainability” and “going green” are phrases that continue to grow in importance for businesses across North America. When you partner with NRG, you can choose to offset up to 100% of your electricity usage thanks to our ChooseGreen product.

  • When you purchase, you will select a ChooseGreen energy plan that gives you a competitive fixed rate for your energy, bundled with Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) that will offset up to 100% of your emissions. You will receive your monthly invoice; only the supply line item will change. The cost of renewable energy is integrated into your overall price.