Constellation Power Solutions

Simple and manageable energy purchasing

Make power purchasing easier

As the #1 retail power provider serving all competitive energy markets across the United States, including more than 55 electricity distribution companies (EDCs), Constellation simplifies the process from end to end. You can rely on Constellation’s insights, knowledge of market trends and tools to make your energy purchasing simple and manageable. An important step in creating a strategy that’s right for your business is to understand your business model and risk tolerance. Constellation will work with you to help you develop a customized energy strategy that fits your unique business needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Fixed* price (secured price)

    A fixed price solution offers price stability and simplicity.

  • Index price

    Your power supply price will float with the index of choice (day ahead or real time) and is not subject to any risk premiums for fixing load.

  • Flexible Index Solutions

    FIS is good for customers who want price stability and the flexibility that comes with taking an active role in managing their energy costs.

  • Index plus block solutions

    If you’re willing to spend the time and effort to make ongoing power purchase decisions, index + block is a good option.

  • Peak load management

    Explore how proactively managing your usage during peak power hours may reduce your capacity charges.

  • Demand response

    Learn more about demand response programs and how they can help your business save on energy costs.