Direct Energy Business Natural Gas Supply Solutions

Customizable natural gas supply solutions

Make your energy buying experience easier

Your organization has unique needs when it comes to your natural gas supply. At Direct Energy Business, we’ve used our experience and expertise to structure our solutions around the needs of our customers. Whether it’s managing risk, maximizing opportunity, our goal is to make your energy buying experience easier. Our standard approach helps you secure a fixed supply rate per dekatherm for the length of your contract. This can help to protect your budget against the risk of natural gas price spikes and provides predictability in your monthly and yearly energy spending.

Features & Benefits

  • Fixed price natural gas

    Budget with confidence and reduce the risk of rising energy prices by locking in a fixed supply rate.

  • NYMEX plus

    Capture potential opportunities in the natural gas market while still protecting your budget.

  • PRiME

    Take a structured, disciplined and documented approach to your natural gas purchases.

  • Price protection

    Minimize risk and maximize opportunity by adding price caps on your market purchases.

  • GasPortfolio®

    Get personalized support, market intelligence and reporting for an advanced gas purchasing strategy.