ENGIE Electricity

Customized energy solutions

Electricity provider that powers your business

ENGIE provides energy tools and insights to help you make an informed decision for the best product choice. To ensure customer satisfaction, ENGIE reviews business drivers, past usage, and other factors. You can feel confident in your choice of provider, knowing that ENGIE is backed by one of the world's largest corporations and holds a "BBB+" credit rating from Standard & Poor's, indicating financial strength and stability. Recent industry research shows that 90% of existing commercial customers rated their satisfaction level as “high,” and more than 80% of all customers renew their service.

Features & Benefits

  • Electricity for small businesses

    ENGIE offers electricity plans through our sister company, Think Energy, geared to serve small businesses looking for easy products and attractive pricing.

  • Energy for mid-large businesses

    If your business spends more than $10,000 on energy each month, look no further. ENGIE offers energy plans tailored to mid-large businesses.

  • Energy for national accounts

    Do you have multiple locations across the nation with a centralized procurement team? If so, your company might be a good candidate for the ENGIE National Accounts program.

  • Broker and consultant solutions

    Looking to become an ENGIE Resources Broker or Consultant? We support our Brokers and Consultants by providing them with access to top energy experts, market knowledge, and transparent pricing.