ENGIE Electricity

Customized energy solutions

Fixed Products

Whether you have tightly defined budgets or procure energy for a risk-averse organization, fixed-price electricity plans from ENGIE can help you meet your goals.

Fixed with Full Requirements

  • Engie's simplest and most straightforward plan, the Fixed with Full Requirements option combines everything into one simple, comprehensive, easy-to-understand price per kWh (or MWh). Electricity costs, including energy and additional costs related to grid reliability, are secured for the contract term.
  • Fixed supply price for budget certainty
  • No surprises or additional charges on your bill

Fixed with Limited Pass Through

  • Those customers who understand the cost components of electricity pricing know that energy is the largest price component with the highest volatility. Additional market-based costs related to grid reliability on average are smaller and less volatile.
  • Fixed supply price for budget certainty
  • Market-based grid reliability costs are passed through at cost

Flex Products

These plans combine the certainty of fixed price plans with the flexibility to take advantage of beneficial market movements. Between the two extremes of fixed price and float price, commercial electricity plans are flex price plans—combining the ability to fix certain portions of your load for price security while allowing you to float other portions so that you can take advantage of market movements.

Easy Flex

  • An alternative to the Block and Index product, Easy Flex combines the freedom of index market pricing with the certainty of locking in a fixed price for up to 100% of your usage. With the Price Lock feature, you can make multiple fixed-price percentage purchases using the “dollar-cost-average” approach to find the price certainty you’re looking for.
  • Leverage index pricing without sacrificing the ability to lock in 100% of your usage.
  • Multiple Price locks allow you to “dollar-cost-average” your way to a fixed position.

Block and Index

  • With Engie's Block and Index plan, you can lock in certain portions of your electricity demand. Remaining demand is then purchased at the market index rate, which allows you to take advantage of falling market prices.
  • Independently fix specific portions of your electricity load for budget certainty.
  • Let the price of the remaining load float to take advantage of market opportunities.

Heat Rate

  • If you want the ability to fix the price for portions of your load on an ongoing basis to respond to natural gas market movements, this is your plan. It’s similar to a Block and Index plan, except that you fix the price of portions of your load based on specific natural gas prices, not simply on load requirements.
  • Fix portions of your electricity load based on natural gas price movements.
  • Let the price of the remaining load float to take advantage of gas market opportunities.

Float Products

With Engie's float-price plans, savvy commercial electricity customers can maintain maximum flexibility to take advantage of market price movements. The better you know your business, the better you can adjust to changes in the market.

Day-Ahead Index with All Pass-Through

  • All costs are passed through with this plan, which responds directly to price movements in the day-ahead electricity market. Built for a company that can predict usage and adjust its load accordingly for the following day, this plan helps the savvy customer take advantage of daily ups and downs to achieve a lower overall electricity bill.
    Defining Features:
    • Price floats on the market index, responding directly to market movements.
    • No uncertainty premium is associated with this type of plan.
    • Tied to the day-ahead market, prices are determined by predicted load and conditions.

Real-Time Index with All Pass-Through

  • The Real-Time Index plan passes through market-based prices just like the Day-Ahead Index plan does. However, its prices are based on the more volatile real-time electricity market, which balances generation to load at intervals as small as five minutes.
    Defining Features:
    • Price floats on the market index, responding directly to market movements.
    • No uncertainty premium is associated with this type of plan.
    • Tied to the real-time market, prices are more volatile than in the day-ahead market.

Custom Products

Engie offers a range of custom natural gas product structures to both transport and utility choice program commercial and industrial customers with competitive pricing.

  • Firm and interruptible delivery options are available in a number of competitive markets.
  • Available with or without pass-through of transportation charges.

Energy for Business Customers

Looking for an energy provider for your commercial and industrial operation? Review your business drivers, past usage, and other factors to determine the best possible product choice for you. They give you the energy tools and insights to make an informed electricity decision.

  • Feel good about your choice of provider, knowing that ENGIE has the financial strength and stability that comes with a leading name in global energy. They're backed by one of the world's largest corporations and hold a "BBB+" credit rating from Standard & Poor's.
  • Get the service you deserve. Recent industry research shows that 90% of their existing commercial customers rated their satisfaction level as “high.” That’s why more than 80% of all the customers renew.
  • Discover better ways to manage energy at your facility and ways to save money; offers a wide array of data and load response programs, energy and environmental services, solar, and battery storage to commercial and industrial customers.

Energy Plans for National Accounts

ENGIE Resources serves over half the Fortune 100™ companies. The nation's largest corporations partner with the National Accounts team to develop, refine, manage and execute a comprehensive, optimized approach to buying and managing energy.

Procurement Strategy

  • Experts work with you at the enterprise level to understand your key business drivers and help determine if your current procurement strategy is consistent with these underlying variables. Then it uses that data to help design a procurement strategy that fits the needs of your organization.

Dedicated Resources

  • National Account Sales Director: Works with you at the corporate level to understand business drivers and develop a national approach toward energy management.
  • Account Manager: Provides post-sale support to ensure premium customer service and consistent, quality communications.
  • Supply Strategist: Works with you and the National Account team to gain a deep understanding of your unique load characteristics. This consistency allows for the most aggressive pricing possible.
  • Regional Sales Expert: Supports the team as the regional subject matter expert and allows us to provide a local presence regardless of where your facilities are located.

Partner with ENGIE Resources

You and your clients are number one. They aim to position you as a market leader. They also support sales Brokers & Consultants with access to top energy experts, providing you with the market knowledge and transparent pricing.

ENGIE Resources Provides:

  • A reliable energy provider you and your clients can count on
  • A dedicated relationship manager
  • On-time enrollment
  • Post-sales customer service
  • Easy and accurate commissioning

ENGIE 20/20 Reporting Platform

ENGIE 20/20 provides insight into your energy use, demand, and cost trends by benchmarking against user-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)—helping identify usage and demand anomalies that allow you to take proactive action and control energy costs.

Features Include:

  • View energy spent across an entire portfolio or drill down to view account-level data for one site.
  • Receive insight into your energy use, demand, and cost trends by benchmarking against key performance indicators.
  • Identify usage and demand anomalies that allow you to take proactive action and control energy costs.
  • Your team gets notified of anomalies to help alert and determine the cause.