NHC Managed WAN

Managing enterprise network connectivity

Robust network control resulting in better network performance

NHC Managed SD-WAN allows for robust network controlling, helping organizations prioritize mission-critical traffic, resulting in better network performance. While SD-WAN once was a DIY-only choice, more businesses are choosing a managed approach. It helps your customers tap into all of the benefits of SD-WAN, without the headache associated with managing, maintaining, and supporting the network. End customers are kept up to date in real-time via communications from NHC Ops, as well as through the customer portal.

Top Features

  • Network Agility

    Easily add cloud-based services, new branches, or remote offices.

  • Better Application Performance

    Get more bandwidth per location through intelligent traffic routing.

  • Ease of Deployment

    Leverage cloud, software, and hardware deployment options to make changes without manual configuration of separate devices.

  • Central Management and Control

    Administer and monitor the entire network through a single interface with access to real-time analytics.

  • Support for Cloud and Real-time Apps

    Balance bandwidth and security requirements for the dynamic and complex management of cloud apps.

  • Cost Savings

    Reduce time and resources associated with remediation costs.