Masergy Managed SD-WAN Secure

Seamless and secure managed services

Flexibility in network, access, management, and security

Fully-managed SD-WAN services leverage Masergy’s secure, edge network along with Fortinet’s edge devices that include embedded security. With Masergy’s three NOCs and SOCs on three continents and a team of highly skilled engineers, you can be confident your network is monitored 24/7. And with the only pure software-defined network backed by industry-leading SLAs, you can be certain your SD-WAN solutions will deliver the performance and reliability that are vital to your business continuity.

Top Features

  • 100% Availability for SD-WAN Sites

    Masergy commits to 100% service availability for SD-WAN sites configured for high availability.

  • 100% Availability for Cloud Connections

    Masergy commits to 100% service availability for direct cloud connections architected for redundancy.

  • Proactive Credits on Availability SLAs

    Masergy proactively credits clients after a service availability SLA is not met–it’s automatic.

  • < 1 Millisecond of Jitter

    The lower the jitter the better, and our network jitter averages around 1/20th of a millisecond (0.02).

  • 100% Packet Delivery

    Masergy commits to 100% in-sequence packet delivery (Edge-to-Edge).

  • 5 Minute Notification

    Masergy will proactively notify you of a service outage within 5 minutes of verification.


Additional Information