Retarus Email Continuity

Secure and reliable messaging platform

You can keep emailing even when your email is down

With Retarus Email Continuity, your company and employees stay productive even if your own email infrastructure isn’t available at that moment. We provide transitional, ready-to-use, pre-provisioned webmail inboxes for all of your users. If an incident occurs, routing for your email infrastructure can be redirected in an instant to the “active” backup. The service is closely linked to Retarus Email Security, which means that Email Continuity can automatically provision and update webmail inboxes.

Top Features

  • Standalone

    “Active” fallback solution outside of your own email infrastructure and independent of Microsoft products.

  • Reliable

    High-availability and GDPR-compliant operation in data centers located in Germany.

  • Trusted

    An intuitive, easy-to-use interface means no training needed.

  • Integrated

    Closely linked to additional Retarus Secure Email Platform services.

  • Ready for immediate use

    Automatic provisioning of webmail inboxes for your users.

  • Cloud service

    No hardware and software and always up-to-date.

  • Accessible

    24x7x365 hotline in multiple languages, 3-shift operation, SLA monitoring.

  • Customized

    Customizable for client projects.

  • Convenient

    Optional email history allows you to directly access previously received messages that are stored in your inbox.

  • Predictable pricing

    No costs and time are needed for administration, operation, and maintenance.