IntelePeer Atmosphere SmartFlows

Enhance customer experience in seconds

Create omni-channel, communications-enabled workflows

Creating automated interactions is a breeze with Atmosphere® SmartFlows. Atmosphere® SmartFlows empowers employees across the entire workplace to create and manage omni-channel communication workflows. The simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to enhance your entire communications strategy in minutes. Whether you are in marketing, customer support, or just short on development resources, it’s easy to build, automate, and integrate communications anywhere your business needs it—no coding required!

Top Features

  • Enhance customer experiences in seconds

    Quickly implement and adjust communication strategies. Atmosphere SmartFlows® is a drag and drop workflow builder that comes with templates, quick start tips, and award-winning support to get your solutions up and running quickly.

  • Automate processes

    Provide self-service and take the strain off your agents. Allow customers to solve their own issues and escalate them to the best agent based on their location, the product they use, or a specific issue.

  • Integrate easily

    Enhance your existing infrastructure and introduce new capabilities. Integrate Atmosphere SmartFlows® with your CRM, database, billing system, or any system that supports APIs.