AT&T IoT Connectivity Solutions

Connectivity options for your IoT needs

Dynamic IoT connectivity options to run your IoT initiatives smarter

AT&T IoT Connectivity Management is an integrated feature-rich connectivity management solution that enables a multitude of businesses to easily deploy, optimize and manage IoT connectivity around the globe. Connect your devices with a cost-effective and reliable IoT network built for low bandwidth applications with one SIM and stay connected through satellites when cellular isn't available.

Top Features

  • Device management and monitoring

    LPWA is designed to support a massive number of connected IoT devices. Deploy, manage, and monitor LPWA solutions with connectivity platforms to help manage costs and simplify deployment.

  • Mobile carrier advantage

    Highly secure, carrier-grade connectivity allowing businesses to authenticate end points, provide constant communications, and offer system integrity. Technology based on 3GPP standards.

  • Coverage extension

    LTE-M and NB-IoT are available in challenging environments such as underground areas and deep inside buildings.

  • Extended battery life

    Extended battery life enables IoT sensors to run for up to 10+ years without replacing power modules or having to stay connected to the power grid.

  • Worldwide availability

    Available across 500 operators in 200+ countries and territories based on our global relationships and scope.

  • Easy to get started

    Contracting is available in multiple countries and currencies. Ordering and provisioning is accessible through a single flexible platform.

  • Flexible and dynamic SIM management platform

    Global SIM is enabled for ordering and provisioning in multiple countries through a single flexible platform.

  • Support

    Access to experts in network connectivity, applications, device certifications, and enterprise technical support.

  • Do it yourself or professional services SIM management

    Onboard your devices and train on SIM management or use AT&T IoT Professional Services to manage it for you.

Must-Have Features

LTE-M and NB-IoT

LTE-M and NB-IoT networks were developed to support today’s IoT devices, even in the most challenging environments.

Global SIM

AT&T Global SIM provides worldwide, end-to-end connectivity. Through a single platform, it can dynamically adapt to a changing business.