AT&T Mobile Device Management

Mobilize people, processes, and assets

Securely configure and manage your business devices online

AT&T cloud-based solutions let you manage company mobile devices, rollouts, and applications with no additional hardware investment. Mobile Device Management is the process of using software to monitor and manage employees’ use of mobile devices to conduct business while keeping the business’ information highly secure. These devices can be company-owned or employee-owned, and the MDM can be either premises-based or cloud-based. MDM tools are designed to promote productivity, policy compliance, and protection. It relies on the client/server model to function. Using a management console, the server component allows IT administrators to configure and assign policies.

Top Features

  • Apple Business Manager

    Include automatic device enrollment in your mobile device management (MDM) solution.

  • Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment

    Add a few or thousands of Samsung devices to your enterprise at once, without having to manually configure each one.

  • Android Zero-Touch Enrollment

    Allow IT to deploy corporate-owned devices in bulk without having to manually set up each device.

  • Enterprise Firmware Over the Air for Android (E-FOTA)

    Manage firmware updates to eligible AT&T Android devices, and how and when you need them.


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