Stratus Technology Solutions

Innovative consulting services & solutions

Save time and money on IT services

Stratus Tech Solutions consults with clients on technology solutions to automate their business processes. Our firm specializes in all aspects of cloud computing, VoIP phone services, cloud point-of-sale systems, and other technology services. Whether you’re a law firm, accounting practice, manufacturing company, or small business owner, we will not only protect your technology, but we’ll also explain how it works. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every situation and customize our support to your business needs.

Top Features

  • Cloud services (SaaS)

    As SaaS adoption accelerates every single day, businesses must pivot quickly and replace legacy systems and applications with new cloud-based technologies — this is what is commonly known as Digital Transformation.

  • Managed IT services

    Stratus Technology Solutions is a technology management company here to provide solutions to your business. We have a 24/7 help desk with remote monitoring and data backup, VoIP and UCaS solutions, cloud services, and more.

  • Vendor management

    IT vendor management allows companies to not only curate their solutions to ensure they’ve chosen the right systems but also lock down the best costs and mitigate risk across the company.

  • VoIP and UCaaS

    Communication is changing at lightning speed. Stratus provides phone management from a variety of providers to meet the needs of your business and then goes to market for the best solution at a competitive price.