BCN Managed Cloud Firewall

Advanced protection against cyber threats

Real-time management of firewall rules, policies & 24/7 monitoring

BCN’s Cloud Firewall solution defends your business against cyber threats by delivering always-on, advanced cybersecurity protection in the cloud. Managed by BCN and designed to layer onto any of our Internet solutions including SD-WAN, Cloud Firewall Services seamlessly integrates with our line of Managed Equipment to deliver highly scalable network protection that helps you meet compliance requirements. BCN’s fully managed Cloud Firewall can be deployed anywhere there’s a protected communications path, making it easy to scale and extend your network as your business grows. And cloud firewalls offer powerful management tools with exceptional performance, protecting your business against external threats.

Top Features

  • Mitigate risk

    Advanced security techniques provide reliable, always-on protection against web & internet threats, including encrypted traffic, across all locations, and users.

  • Defend against the latest threats

    SSL inspection should be at the forefront of your security concerns, with anever increasing percentage of all Internet traffic now encrypted.

  • Streamline administration

    This fully managed BCN solution offers real-time management of firewall rules and policies and 24/7 monitoring.

  • Scale infinitely

    With no hardware limitations you can quickly and easily add a new location or expand to new offices.

  • Reduce costs

    A cloud-based solution means there’s no additional hardware or maintenance.


Additional Information