AT&T Unified Messaging

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This feature can only be set up through the telephone, and is not available in all areas. The reminder message is a message you record to be delivered to your own number at a scheduled time. You can schedule a reminder to be delivered one time only, Monday through Friday or every day of the week. A reminder can be set one year (365 days) in advance.

Call Back Now

  • This feature allows you to place a call directly from the Unified Messaging mailbox to a person who left a message in your mailbox. This feature is not available in all areas or on all calls. If Caller ID information is not passed (i.e. Unavailable, Private, Blocked, etc.), this feature will not be able to place a call to the person who left the message.

Email Signature

  • This feature can only be used from the computer. An email signature is your name, title, telephone number or any other information you want automatically included at the end of your email.

Mailbox Display Settings

  • This feature allows you to adjust the activity and appearance of your AT&T Unified Messaging mailbox.

Spanish Language Preference

  • You can choose to hear either English or Spanish Language prompts when calling in over the telephone to access your Unified Messaging service.

Save as Drafts Folder

  • The Save as Drafts folder feature lets you save an email or voice message and send it at a later date. Like the Sent Items and Trash folders, the Drafts folder will appear only after you place a message in it. When you’re ready to send a message you’ve saved in your Drafts folder, simply click the unsent message and select the option to send it.