NetWolves Unified Communications

Custom integrated communication solution

Hosted VoIP

Your phone system only requires an Internet connection, with no need for a phone line. Providers also offer a "soft phone,” or an application for both your computer and mobile device. Actual phones are still an option, but they are not required.


Visibility into all incoming and outgoing calls, including the ability for live call monitoring and call recording.

Collaboration tools

Providers leverage resources such as Microsoft Teams to allow colleagues and committees to collaborate on documents and other tasks.


Send and receive faxes from any device.

Chat services

Interact with customers, prospects, and coworkers in real time with internal and external business chat services.

Video conferencing services

Video web conferencing services are available by multiple providers that have their own unique ways of simulating the feeling of an in–person meeting and providing an intuitive virtual meeting experience.

Call center

Various call center options, ranging from basic to those highly customized, offering Interactive Voice Response (IVR), monitoring, and gamification to show real-time statistical leaderboards.

Regulatory compliance

They offer HIPAA, Hitrust, PCI, SOC and other regulatory compliant solutions through providers willing to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), limiting your liability.