Metronet Business Voice

Enterprise voice goes beyond calls

Crystal-clear calls, budget-friendly pricing

Metronet Business Voice services offer an array of options to meet the needs of any business, any industry. Whether your business needs a simple, traditional voice service or would like a fully managed solution, Metronet has the answers. Our 100% all-fiber network delivers crystal-clear voice calls and add-on features like voicemail, conferencing, and much more. To serve the needs of any business large or small, or from any industry, Metronet offers a wide variety of budget-friendly voice options.

Top Features

  • Traditional POTs (Plain Old Telephone) Service

    Whether your business needs a single line or multiple lines, Metronet Business Complete can accommodate your needs while providing over 15 calling features including voicemail and mobile options.

  • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking

    An IP-based solution that is a great alternative to traditional voice service. It easily scales to quickly accommodate changing needs. SIP Trunking manages more than voice calls, including video calls, IM and other multimedia applications.

  • PRI (Primary Rate Interface) Phone Service

    PRI service provides up to 23 simultaneous connections for inbound and outbound calling.

  • Hosted PBX Service

    A fully managed voice solution hosted by Metronet at our 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC).

  • Metronet Go

    A fundamental add-on solution for Business Complete and Hosted PBX customers. Metronet Go enables users to enjoy all the call features of Metronet Hosted PBX from any device, anywhere in the world.