Allied Telecom Always On Data Connectivity Solutions

Securely connect your enterprise data

Connectivity services for when productivity matters

In today’s cloud-intensive and Internet-enabled world, network connectivity must meet the ever-growing demands of your business. Allied’s data connectivity solutions seamlessly connect multiple offices, cloud computing centers, data centers and disaster recovery sites with end-to-end reliability, scalability, and security. Fully integrate all Internet, private data, voice, and Unified Communications platform traffic securely with one investment in a single, high-capacity connection.

Top Features

  • Next generation network

    Our modern network was built from the ground up to optimize uptime and performance quality while improving network capacity. Connect all your office locations and data centers with one secure, high-performance connection with enhanced speed and uptime.

  • Diverse access options

    From Ethernet over fiber, 4G LTE, enhanced copper and fixed wireless, we’ve got a data connection solution for any situation. Equip your business with the Ethernet solution that makes the most sense for you and start operating at your full potential.

  • Scalability

    We offer a broad range of access speeds, so your bandwidth can keep up as your employees, offices, and data usage grows. Adapt your business to always-changing growth and market requirements by leveraging the scalability and reliability of our data connectivity solutions.