Lumen Ethernet Private Line

Powerful point-to-multipoint connectivity

High-performance connectivity for any network need

Lumen Ethernet solutions securely link data centers, clouds, offices, VPNs, and LANs with dynamic flexibility & dedicated connections that run on our global adaptive network. E-Line Service provides the same security & reliability of traditional private line service, with dedicated, scalable bandwidth connectivity options that improve flexibility and operational efficiencies for point-to-point (EPL or EVPL) and hub-and-spoke (EVPL) network configurations. E-LAN Service provides secure, seamless LAN-to-LAN connectivity between two or more locations without the need for WAN expertise or costly equipment. It is ideal for enterprises with a global or regional scope that are looking to simplify network complexity, control, and costs.

Top Features

  • Optimized bandwidth

    Manage increasing capacity demands without committing to excess bandwidth. Add or remove connections between data centers and cloud providers in real time and automatically flex bandwidth up to 3x on demand.

  • Enhanced performance and management

    Maximize reliability, cost effectiveness and visibility into your network performance. Get visibility into network performance and utilization on an end-to-end, site-by-site basis.

  • Strengthened security

    Securely access mission-critical cloud applications with built-in threat protection, proactive monitoring and end-to-end visibility.