Lumen Business Internet

Speed and protection in every connection


High-quality, high-speed internet options.

  • A comprehensive suite of high-quality, high-speed Internet options over Ethernet connections from 10/100Mbps ports to 100Gbps ports.
  • Access options: Ethernet Switched Access, Wavelengths and Cross-connects.
  • Support for IP address, IPv4 and IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack, DNS, BGP or static routing.
  • Localized private peering with private interconnects.
  • Minimized network hops.
  • Various backhaul options to extend the reach of our IP network.

Security and Support

  • Lumen now delivers Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) on our global AS3356 Internet Core.
  • Full suite of Lumen℠ Managed Security Services for comprehensive protection and network performance.
  • Our standard network security includes temporary IP filtering through null routes and limited ACL filtering.
  • Network protection: Subscription-based IP filtering service with permanent ACLs, SLAs and security operation services.
  • DDoS mitigation: On-demand or always-on cleansing service via our global mitigation scrubbing centers with robust security operations and threat intelligence support.
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring and mitigation from the Lumen Security Operations Center (SOC).

Management and Billing

  • Flat rate, commit+usage-based billing and aggregate billing options.
  • Lumen ® Control Center provides a centralized portal to manage your entire Lumen service experience.
  • Lumen ® Control Center Network Visibility provides site and circuit-specific performance metrics for latency, jitter, packet delivery, and bandwidth utilization backed by SLAs and threshold alert email support.
  • Building extension available to extend service from network demarcation point to the desired location within your building (ie - floor, suite, etc.).

Connectivity Range

  • Reliable global backbone connecting six continents and more than 60+ countries with over 120 Tbps of global IP capacity, including over 48 Tbps of global peering capacity.
  • 450,000+ route miles globally with extensive off-net access solutions across North America, Europe, Latin America and the Asia Pacific.