High-quality internet for your global business

GTT Communications Internet offers high-speed and reliable internet services, including a Tier 1 IP global network with flexible bandwidth and global connectivity. We provide a range of internet solutions, such as dedicated internet, broadband, and wireless broadband, tailored to fit the specific needs of businesses. Our broadband services are designed to provide an always-on data connection from end users to the internet, making them ideal for smaller locations and remote users. We are available in several states, and it is known for its fast and reliable internet experiences.

Top Features

  • Guaranteed performance

    GTT’s IP network is one of the largest in the world, transporting over 14 Tbps of traffic at any given time. The network includes diverse, redundant paths between 600+ global PoPs and connects you to over one-third of the global internet prefixes, ensuring the fastest and most reliable delivery of your mission-critical traffic.

  • Full support for IPV6

    GTT is an industry leader in the deployment and support of IPv6 networking. 100% native dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6) network is built on carrier-class routing and optical infrastructure. This allows us to deliver line-rate IPv6 performance to every PoP and provide IPv6 service seamlessly alongside existing IPv4 services. IPv6 service is available for all the existing IPv4 clients at no additional charge.

  • Flexible bandwidth options / Pay as you go

    GTT offers an aggregate committed data rate (ACDR) plan that allows for sharing of bandwidth across ports, so you can avoid overpaying for idle capacity.

  • Real-time reporting

    Monitor network performance, track real-time statistics, and view order status and billing through the EtherVision portal.