Cato Networks Edge SD-WAN

Zero-touch device ready to work in minutes

Boost your usable capacity and improve resilience

Cato Edge SD-WAN works with multiple Internet circuits, providing reliable, high-performance access to Cato’s global, private backbone. Traffic can also be routed over MPLS, directly between sites (not through the Cato PoP), and across IPsec tunnels to third-party devices. The Cato Socket, Cato’s Edge SD-WAN device, is a zero-touch device ready to work in minutes once it has power and Internet connectivity. Sockets come in two models: X1500 for branch offices and X1700 for datacenters. Both are continuously monitored and updated by Cato’s network operations center (NOC).

Top Features

  • Link aggregation

    Balances inbound and outbound traffic across MPLS and multiple Internet circuits (fiber, DSL, cable, 4G/LTE or 5G) to maximize bandwidth (active/active) and availability.

  • Packet loss mitigation

    These techniques dynamically switch traffic to alternate, better performing link(s) and proactively duplicate packets on a per-application basis. Cato’s architecture eliminates middle-mile packet loss.

  • Application identification

    Uses Cato’s advanced Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine to automatically identify thousands of applications and millions of domains on the first packet.

  • Bandwidth management rules

    Ensure that more critical applications always receive the necessary upstream and downstream capacity, serving other applications on a best-effort basis.

  • Dynamic path selection

    Routes traffic across the optimum transport based on application, user, and real- time link quality (jitter, latency, and packet loss).

  • Routing protocol integration

    Leverages BGP to make informed real-time routing decisions, easily integrating a company’s existing routing infrastructure with Cato Edge SD-WAN.

  • High availability (HA)

    Carries no additional recurring charge and deployment is simple and completed in minutes. Sockets automatically connect to the best available Cato PoP. Should the connection degrade or fail, the Cato Socket automatically reconnects to the best available PoP.