AT&T Business Phone

Crystal-clear connections you can count on

VoIP service for up to 6 lines using your existing analog phones

AT&T Phone for Business is a cloud-based solution that converts traditional analog landline signals to Internet Protocol (IP), delivering Voice over IP (VoIP) internet connections. The solution supports basic voice and specialty data lines such as FAX, alarm lines, elevators, point-of-sale terminals, and more. Instead of having multiple dedicated lines that are connected to a traditional telephone network, your analog voice and specialty data lines are connected to a device, which converts the analog signal to a digital one.

Top Features

  • Flexible

    Handle inbound and outbound calls with multiple calling features.

  • Simple

    View your voice, internet, messaging activity, & other features on one monthly bill.

  • Convenient

    Manage your features, review your bill, & respond to messages online at any time.

  • Affordable

    Enjoy great pricing with no need to upgrade to complex equipment.