Cut your sales cycle in half with instant screen-sharing

CrankWheel is a screen-sharing solution built for sales teams. There is no need for your prospect to download or install anything, as they can view using any browser on any device, desktop, or mobile. If you need to let your prospect kick the tires, our built-in Remote Control feature will let the same prospects control your mouse & keyboard without any additional download on their end. To get leads from your web page or email campaign into a phone call & screen share with one of your salespeople, you can use our built-in Instant Demos lead capture widget, that instantly finds a salesperson to call your prospect & share screen into the same browser tab where the prospect requested a call & can integrate with your CRM.

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Top Features

  • Reduce time-to-close on cold prospects

    Instantly share your screen with prospects — no download required. Using Chrome Extension, you can show your prospects your screen on either their mobile device or desktop in less than 10 seconds.

  • Easy-to-use for sales teams

    Even though it’s powerful, CrankWheel is still extremely easy to use. Your sales team will only need to spend time practicing their pitch; not fumbling around with the screen-sharing tool.

  • Instantly demo inbound leads

    Add a "Call Me Now" button to your website to find an agent to call the moment your prospect requests it. Perfect for businesses who need to immediately be able to respond to new leads the second they hit the pipeline.

  • Reliable screen-sharing from anywhere in the world

    CrankWheel works over bad network connections, on obscure devices, and even old browsers. Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Internet Explorer, Blackberry - it simply always works!


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