Create, organize, and deliver training and performance support

ScreenSteps is designed to support Zero Memorization Training. This is a training methodology where contact center agents, employees, or customers are not required to memorize training information but are trained in how to help themselves when the moment comes. It also helps you document your internal procedures, manage them in an online knowledge base, and deliver procedures to employees at the moment your employees need answers.

Top Features

  • Improve employee performance

    Use interactive guides to provide employees with step-by-step instructions that reduce post-training support time by 84%.

  • Easily create and manage content

    Fill and update your knowledge base quickly. Create 4x the documents in ¼ of the time.

  • Make data-driven decisions

    Take the guessing out of who is using your articles and how they are being used with analytics.

  • For call center agents

    Reduce stress by guiding your agents through complex calls.

  • For employees

    Simplify life for your employees with foolproof procedures.

  • For content authors

    Create help guides 4x faster than you currently are.

  • For trainers, directors, and managers

    Optimize employee performance, eliminate mistakes, and decrease training costs.


Additional Information