Monday.com is a collaborative management software that gives a visual overview of where things stand at a glance. monday.com equips you with the tools to create custom dashboards and track progress, timelines, and budgets at a glance. Easily run reports from a high-level overview down to the very last detail.

Discover how efficient your team can be with automations

Automating tasks and processes isn’t a new thing in the digital space. However, Monday’s automation features are, quite simply, on another level. With this tool, process automation applies to every critical aspect of your company’s operations, regardless of the industry you’re in.

The Kanban software to handle any workflow

Kanban view helps teams map out tasks and sprints. And Workload view lets managers’ see who’s busy with what - no awkward conversations needed.

File sharing

File sharing - Optimize your workflow with simple file sharing solutions Easily centralize and share files, accelerate your feedback loop, and boost operational efficiency in one, easy-to-use workspace.

Seamlessly integrate all of your favorite tools

Another one of the strong aspects of Monday.com is its ability to integrate with any system out there. It can blend seamlessly to any software ecosystem it’s applied to and there are also custom connections that can be created for any external applications. And of course, it has native integration support for various leading systems such as Zapier, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Powerful Gantt charts for your team's projects

Use Gantt views to track projects and make sure you’re meeting deadlines successfully. Teams see their work in the Calendar view to make sure that they’ve distributed initiatives throughout the month and year.