Verizon Wavelength Services

Ultra-high capacity, reach and performance

Interconnectivity solution for high bandwidth requirements

Verizon Wavelength Services can help meet these needs. Verizon Wavelength Services uses optical networking and dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) technology to deliver highly reliable, low-jitter Layer 1 transport at up to 100 Gbps between locations. Use thousands of standard routes to help better manage network resiliency. With data and applications aggregated at hubs, data centers, and public clouds, you need to transport large workloads often and with secure, ultralow latency. Wavelength services can help meet these needs.

Top Features

  • Secure

    Safeguard sensitivity with private connections. Rely on a trusted service for your critical workloads.

  • Scalable

    Choose from thousands of routes and access speeds from 1 Gbps all the way to 100 Gbps with a low cost per bit.

  • Reliable

    Protection and diversity features enhance high circuit availability. Mandatory route feature locks in routing across the long haul, separating your traffic from others.

  • High-performance

    Support fast and efficient application processing. Gain low-latency, low-jitter connections with dedicated throughput.