Verizon Internet Dedicated Services

Boost bandwidth for greater productivity

Internet for more consistent speeds and greater agility

Verizon Internet Dedicated Services uses ultrafast, full-duplex connections to deliver scalable internet connectivity. It can help you support high-bandwidth applications, easily share information and enable high-speed transactions. Burstable and tiered pricing options help you dial up bandwidth with demand. It can also help position your business for growth in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

Top Features

  • Ultrafast

    Dedicated, low-latency internet bandwidth with options up to 100gbps. Strong SLA backs the performance of our high-capacity network, which is trusted around the globe by customers, partners, and network providers. Flexible bandwidth and service options to meet the growing performance demands of applications, users, and customers.

  • Trusted and Reliable

    Award-winning Tier-1 global internet backbone engineered to elevate innovation and availability. Scalable protection against threats and attacks through network intelligence and embedded security. 24/7 global monitoring with 100% guaranteed network availability.

  • Easy-to-Use

    An intuitive self-service portal that enables control of your network parameters for high performance. Direct connectivity to cloud service providers and data centers with options to integrate applications. Automated traffic reporting and proactive notification of service disruptions and circuit outages.

  • Flexible and Resilient

    Adaptable, dedicated bandwidth with enhanced redundancy when combined with optional wireless connectivity. Price plans, including burstable options, to help maximize cost predictability across your network. Scheduled and near real-time bandwidth adjustments to meet changing business requirements.