The heart of Yes Energy’s suite of trader tools. Real-time and historic ISO market data transformed into insight. 1,000+ power traders use PowerSignals.

Unique Approach to Market Data

  • PowerSignals delivers market information within seconds of when data is released by the ISO or other primary data sources. These real-time updates are appended to a growing historic database containing market data from the inception of each ISO market. Corrections and updates to original data are posted automatically. PowerSignals‘ dynamic system evolves to include new markets, new entrants and new products as soon as they begin.

Analytic Tools

  • PowerSignals incorporates analytic tools designed to support ISO trader workflows. Using maps, charts, tables, and drill-downs, our tools transform huge amounts of detailed data into actionable insight. Each tool is informed by the collective input of PowerSignals users, keeping them closely aligned with common activities including market scans, price maps, time-series analysis, like-condition comparisons, performance distribution reports, node monitors, constraint, and outage profiles, and more.

Portfolio Management Tools

  • Use PowerSignals to build and manage your portfolios. The built-in linkage between market and portfolio data allows interactive portfolio tuning for better performance. Efficiently track the P&L on your book with PowerSignals’ real-time ISO data collectors and see what was cleared as soon as results are posted by the ISO.

Customer Support

  • Customer satisfaction is their top priority. Along with onsite training and the extensive library of online tutorials, PowerSignals includes access to the dedicated, on-call support staff.

PowerSignals Submission Services

PowerSignals Submission Services offers an easy way to streamline your workflow in the Trading Suite. It is integrated with the Portfolio Analysis Modules making it possible to build, analyze, validate and submit all from one location.

  • Once the market clears you to receive your awards back in the Portfolio Analysis modules where you can track profit & loss.
  • Validate and submit portfolios with the click of a button
  • Receive your day-ahead clearances
  • Track profit and loss in real-time
  • Manage your Market Accounts using the Account Manager module
  • Fully automate your workflow using our Submission API endpoints
  • Build and analyze your portfolios using PowerSignals


Monitor the market in real-time via custom dashboards, mobile, and desktop alerting tools, and watchlists. Drill-through integration with PowerSignals’ history and analytics.

Easy to Configure Custom Dashboarding

  • Use easy drag-and-drop functionality to build one (or many) custom dashboards that monitor what’s important to you. QuickSignals has pre-built widgets like tickers for prices and constraints, live load curves, volatility indicators and time-series graphs. It also delivers the ability to calculate your own series of indicators and custom watchlists. Monitor your special watchlist of locations or metrics via the QuickSignals Mobile app.

Flexible Alert Settings

  • You control the alert conditions, format and frequency via easy-to-use templates. Alerts can be set on prices, standard indicators and your custom indicators. Receive your alerts via email and SMS so you never miss the signal.

PowerSignals Integration

  • QuickSignals is part of Yes Energy’s unified suite of power trader tools so it’s easy to drill down from a single tick on the QuickSignals dashboard to the robust history and analytics in PowerSignals.


Big Data is here and it’s driving the digital transformation journey which enables companies to improve operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, decision making, and profitability.

  • However, data across all industries the world over is increasing at a rapid pace, and North American power markets are no exception. Increasing volumes of data become available to nodal market participants each day. Securing and deriving insight from that data can prove challenging, but necessary. The suite of DataSignals products delivers powerful, insightful, actionable data to power nodal market participants. DataSignals delivers Yes Energy’s robust, comprehensive, engineered, and secure data to customers through the technologies most suited to translate it into actionable insight that will power your business. Whether you’re just learning to navigate markets, or you’re a data science whiz, a small trading shop, or a large utility, we have a solution for you and your business data needs.

Transaction View

Delivering transparency to electricity market transactions. Easily and accurately analyze more wholesale electricity market data than ever before with Transaction View.

  • Data to inform your pricing or buying strategy, giving you an edge in your deal negotiations
  • Access to the data your investors need to inform their investment decisions and analyze plant revenue and operations
  • Quickly and easily view power transactions by power asset, company, or landscape of a region
  • Competitive insight into your competitor’s transactions and business strategy
  • Prospect identification - discover entities who have power contracts coming to an end

Position Management

Effortless visibility into trading risk and performance. Providing nodal power market Middle Office with a turnkey, consolidated solution for oversight of your trading activities.

  • FTR Mark-to-Market - Explore unrealized gains or losses your organization holds by marking-to-market (MtM) open FTR positions with our industry-standard, independent process.
  • Deal Capture - Independent capture of cleared trades, so all your data is in one secure location.
  • Fully Customizable Dashboard - Create customized insights based on the information most important to you - save them and share your customized insights with the rest of your organization.
  • API Integration - Easily integrate position data and metrics like P&L, MtM, and VaR with your in-house reporting and ETRM systems using a library of dependable, easy-to-use, APIs.