Provides powerful, insightful and actionable data to power traders.

Yes Energy is the leader in energy market data. Yes Energy set out on a mission to deliver nodal power traders, powerful, insightful, actionable data, and the legacy product, PowerSignals, was born. As power markets have developed and evolved, so has the company. Yes Energy now offers the most robust, high-quality energy data in the industry in whatever format you need for the stage of the journey you and your company are in. They believe in the power of data, and they want to ensure that you can utilize the data to perform game-changing analytics.

Features & Benefits

  • Power Trading and Analysis

    Cut through the noise, unlock insights, and evolve your trading strategy with accurate and timely power market data.

  • Asset Development and Management

    Leverage power market data to make better siting decisions and deliver energy efficiently, equitably, and reliably.

  • Risk Management

    Easily monitor and manage the risks and P&L generated by trading activities with automated reporting.

  • IT & Data Science

    Manage complex power market data and market changes with the most robust data pipeline available.