Natural Wireless

Reliable & high-speed Internet connection

A better way to connect with DIA solutions

Natural Wireless is the fastest, most reliable and best Internet connectivity service provider for businesses, residents and events. We own, manage and operate our infrastructure, allowing us to deliver unmatched performance, availability and prices. We have expanded our services to include commercial dedicated broadband, Internet and WiFi services for events. Thousands of businesses and NYC residents depend on our services and we have become the preferred provider for many of the city’s most prestigious events.

Top Features

  • Dual path connections

    Using multiple diverse paths for our service to connect to your location eliminates Internet failures.

  • Automatic failover

    Traffic automatically re-routes if a given path fails, assuring higher availability and service levels for our customers.

  • 99.99% uptime

    Our intelligent and redundant network is proven to offer superior reliability guaranteed by an industry-leading SLA.

  • Lower latency

    Our fiber speed network was designed from the ground up to deliver faster connections and lower latency.

  • Best performance VoIP

    Our low-latency, highly reliable network guarantees your VoIP services will always have the best voice quality.

  • Rapid installation

    Other carriers can take weeks to bring in a new circuit. We have our customers online within 5 business days.

  • Internet attack protection

    DDOS mitigation systems and other advanced tools detect these attacks as they arise and divert them as needed.

  • Business level support

    A dedicated local team is always ready to support our customers both via remote access and physically at their location.

  • Better value

    Benefit from our faster and more reliable connections at lower costs and 99.99% uptime.